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Fitness + Skin Care

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Did you know that I originally created this skin care collection with the intention of creating a line of products that would fit the needs of running and fitness addicts, like myself? I picked up an intense love for running and outdoor fitness about 9 years ago and almost immediately noticed my skin changing...and not in a good manner. I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing. In fact, I was working at one of the top Medical Spas in St Louis at the time, so I had the best skin care and equipment at my fingertips. What gives?

It had nothing to do with me, or the brand of skin care I was using at the time, or the lack of awesome equipment... I was missing stuff. Lots of stuff! I started taking notes and doing my own little trial and error projects.

Turns out, your skin takes a beating when you start to ramp up your fitness game. One of the first thing I notice when I start to slim down and muscle face gets skinny. When I say skinny, I mean, loses volume. Loss of volume = an older appearance in the face. A plump baby face is what I have always relied on to keep that youthful appearance. Then, the next annoying things that started to happen are faint-brown sun spots, tiny fine lines (remember, loss of volume?), and breakouts. Now keep in mind, breakouts were never something that I experienced as a teen or young adult. I was frustrated. I loved the way I felt about my new love for fitness, but I hated the complexion drawbacks. Here are a few things I learned and want to share with you.

1) Sunscreen is always your friend, but let me tell you, if you are a runner or outdoor fitness enthusiast (especially golfers) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE learn to love sunscreen. The terrible sun damage and collagen breakdown that you get from UV is actually the least of your about skin cancer?! It takes about 10 minutes for the UV to start taking over your skin. If you are going on a 3 mile run, that's approximately 30 mins. Thats plenty of time to get lots of damage, some even irreversible. Protect29 Spritz is a great spritz that I created to easily mist onto your skin, all day.

2) Antioxidants. Again, free radical protection is always important, but when you are outside in the elements more than the average person, you are exposed to lots of pollution, dirt, dust, and whatever the air may throw your way. A daily dose of antioxidants and vitamin C can be a lifesaver for your complexion. Here are a couple of products you can rely on for free radical protection: Activate & Repair Serum, SkinQuench, PumpkinBerry Glow.

3) Hyaluronic Acid. Don't be confused by the word "acid". This is a hydrating acid, meaning it puts hydration and volume back into the skin. This is something that we already have, but it depletes over time with age and lifestyle. Those plump lips you once had that disappeared...hyaluronic acid. Those adorable cheeks you once had that made you look so youthful...hyaluronic acid. Get my drift? This is my favorite ingredient. Products containing hyaluronic acid: Eye Revive, MedSpa To Go

4) Glycolic Acid. Now this acid is the type you think of when you hear the word "acid" in the beauty industry. Glycolic acid is on a mission to keep your pores clean, clear and exfoliated. Glycolic will tackle those troubled spots. Since your fitness journey started, did you start to notice clogged pores and breakouts around the hairline, chin, and jawline? If you answered YES, then here are the products to consider: Glycolic Glow Cleanser, PumpkinBerry Glow, SkinQuench

Some other things you can do to save your fitness-loving skin:

-If you workout early in the morning, make sure to cleanse your face first. No need to do your entire skin care routine just yet, but cleanse before you workout. Remove last night's oil and toxins and prevent a breeding ground for bacteria and breakouts.

-When your workout is complete, cleanse immediately. Remove that sweat as soon as you can, the longer it sits there, the higher the chance of breakouts.

-DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT workout in makeup. If you are working out with people who care about what you look like, you are working out with the wrong people. Ok, mascara is fine. Lip gloss is fine. Please do not workout in foundation and powder. This is a pore clogging disaster.

Think about your skin as your largest organ, the dumping ground for your body. Do what you can to protect it. Your skin is the gatekeeper. It protects you and it tells your story. Be kind to your skin.



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