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Segment Topic: Beginners Guide To Healthy Aging

Links to products shown:

MicroCurrent Tools

1. https://www.mynuface.com/collections/devices

2. https://www.zaq.com/products/zaq-facial-rejuvenation-7-color-led-device-rf-ems-sonic-vibration-hot-massager




Segment Topic: Teen Skin Health

Links to products shown:

-High Frequency Device 

-Glycolic Glow Cleanser

-The Fix, Spot Treat

-Pillow Cases





Sement Topic: Skin Care Trends I Love

Links to tools:



-Home High Frequency 

-Cold Facial Globes


Segment Topic: Dermaplane (Pro vs Home Tool)

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

• Manual exfoliation: It instantly smooths and brightens the skin by removing the outer dead layer of skin.

• Better results from your skincare products: The removal of hair and dead skin allows for your skincare products to more easily penetrate into your dermis.

When using a home tool, you'll mostly grab the hair and a little bit of dead skin, however the pro tool grabs ALL of that unwanted skin build up. Home tools work great in between pro appointments. 

Looking for a treatment provider? Message me at hello@christenmichel.com and I will help find a provider in your area. 


Segment Topic: How to do a professional-like facial treatment at home. 

  1. Step 1 - Double cleanse your face (this means cleanse the skin twice). Pick your favorite cleanser and one that is appropriate for your skin type. Bonus if you use a facial brush, here is a link to a facial brush that I really like at home. https://www.target.com/p/plum-beauty-sonic-facial-cleanser-1ct/-/A-80414234

  2. Step 2- Exfoliate. Use a gentle exfoliator so that you aren’t too sensitive for step three. Here is the link to my Strawberry Crush https://www.christenmichel.com/product-page/quench-glow360-lavender-infused-head-to-toe-anti-aging-moisturizer

  3. Step 3- This step is responsible for correcting or changing the skin. Using medical grade Peel Pads will be the best product for this step. Here is the link to my ProGlow Peel Pads. https://www.christenmichel.com/product-page/proglow-weekly-peel-pads

  4. Step 4- Mask. Opt for a soothing or hydrating mask in this step. Here is my favorite mask: https://www.christenmichel.com/product-page/brightening-moisture-mask

  5. Step 5- Tool time! Grab a tool that fits your skin care goals. For me personally, skin tightening is key. I love the idea of tightening my skin, rebuilding collagen and keeping my skin glowing. Some other ideas for home tools would be high frequency wands, LED masks, and microcurrent devices like NuFace. Here is the link to the tool that I use at home. Link to my favorite tool https://www.christenmichel.com/product-page/zaq-facial-rejuvenation-device-7-led-rf-ems-sonic-vibration-tightening

  6. Step 6- Moisturize with cool temps. Grab a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type, apply to the skin, and then use a cold roller on top of it. The cold roller will soothe your skin, brighten it up, and push your moisturizer into the skin a little bit better. Here is the link to the roller I keep in my refrigerator at home. https://www.target.com/p/sonia-kashuk-8482-facial-ice-roller/-/A-76620483

  7. Bonus step. Eye Treatment. The eyes say it all, don’t forget to take care of that eye area! https://www.christenmichel.com/product-page/patchology-serve-chilled-rosé-eye-gels

If you are unsure about which products you should use, for this home treatment or even just a question about your daily routine, take my quiz! https://www.christenmichel.com/quiz