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Find an effective rouTEEN

I have seen an influx of teenagers in my treatment room over the last couple of years. If you were to ask me why, I would say it could be due to all of the info they get on social media. Lets be honest, it was quite nice growing up in the 80's and 90's where I didn't open up instagram and see a plethora of beautiful people with perfect (filtered) skin. Although, I am really happy that teenagers are now more eager to come see me and make a change to their complexion. I love that they are starting a skin health routine now, instead of much later in life.

So what is causing teenage acne?

Acne is caused by several factors. First, you start with clogged pores (ostiums). Then, excessive amounts of sticky oil (sebum) back up in the pores (follicles). When bacteria feeds on this sebum, you get inflammation. The resulting blemish is the body’s attempt to fight off the invasive bacteria. Then, you top it all off with....HORMONES!

Now what?

Here is some advice:

1) *NEVER wash with a bar of soap or a high-foaming cleanser*

Get started on a good skin care routine that includes some type of cleansing tool, whether its a microfiber cloth or a silicon sonic brush, this is the very best way to get a deep cleanse. Pair your tool with our Glycolic Glow (use once a day) and the Nourished Daily Cleanser (use once a day).

2) Never skip a cleanse, ESPECIALLY at night.

It’s so important to cleanse your skin at night to remove makeup, dirt, oil and environmental debris that builds up on the skin. But did you know that the face is the dirtiest part of your body simply because, without realizing it, you’re touching your face all day long? Be sure to wash your face every night.

3) Keep some type of blemish spot treatment on hand. You can find spot treatment lotions at your local drugstore or try these highly effective stickers that you leave on the blemish overnight. Patchology

4) Start using a retinoid product. Start with a lower dose, like Retinol Repair. After a couple of months, decide if a stronger RX strength is necessary. You may need to consult your doctor if you feel like the strength of the Retinol Repair has not made a change.

5) Resist the temptation of skipping a moisturizer. Its so hard! Most teens feel very oily and they see moisturizers as the enemy. I recommend EARTH by Element Skin Care. While this is a skin care collection for men, this particular product has worked wonders for hydrating male and female skin. Bonus...its an antioxidant too!

6) The main focus, when it comes to teenage acne, is to keep everything clean and calm. Inflammation is what causes pain, scars, and extended life to the blemish. Try things like ice and cortisone cream on the blemishes that are red and inflamed.

7) Keep your hands off your face! Every time you touch your face, you are adding life to that bacteria.

Remember...CLEAN and CALM.


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