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Coming Spring 2022!

We are currently looking for a Spring/Summer glow squad. We are looking through applications all month and will send out invitations at the end of Feb!  

The Spring/Summer submissions have ended.
Check back to apply for our holiday Glow Squad! 

Are you a Christen Michel Skin Care lover? Do you want to share the love with your friends? Do you like free stuff? How about ALSO giving your social media friends free stuff? If this sounds good, you may be a great fit for Club Glow! We are starting a beauty community. No tricks or traps, just spreading kindness and beauty to those around YOU.  

Here are a few details:
1. You will receive a coupon code, exclusive to you and those you want to share it with. 
2. You will receive products, gift cards and other gifts 
as a thank you! 
3. You get to do a bi-monthly giveaway for your social media friends and followers, and we supply the gifts! 
4. As the community grows, so will the perks! 


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Apply to be a Club Glow Ambassador...
How long have you been using our product?
How often do you use our product?

Thank you for your interest!