The Bella To Bella Campaign

In 2014 Christen Michel launched the Bella To Bella Campaign. She believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter what they have been through or what they are dealing with at the moment. As we all know, its the little things that make us feel special and beautiful. For example, a new lip gloss. Seems simple, right? But for some it is a luxury. For some women, picking up a new lip gloss is just simply out of the budget.¬†With the Bella To Bella Campaign, every time an order is placed with us we send a beauty bag and love note to a woman who needs it. A beauty bag consists of 2 or more items in the beauty realm (lip gloss, moisturizer, compact mirror, etc.) The purpose of these bags is to bring a smile to a woman’s face and a little pep in her step.

If you are a shelter looking to partner with us or a company looking to donate items please contact

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