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The Misconception: "My Skin Is Dry Because I Haven't Been Drinking Enough Water"

I hear this ALL THE TIME. To be honest, I wish this were true. What an easy fix this would be! But this is not the cause of your dry skin. In fact, most of the time the individual doesn't even have dry skin, they have dehydrated skin, and there is a pretty big difference. I am going to explain the difference to you so you can fix your skin's issues correctly.

Tales From The Treatment Room

Dry Skin:

-Lacks sebum (oil).

-Is a natural skin condition from birth (thanks mom and dad!).

-Feels dry all over, including hands and scalp.

-Is more susceptible to premature aging.

-Constantly needs moisturizer, especially in winter.

-Needs oil-rich products (products containing jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and squalene are great for you!).

Dehydrated Skin:

-Lacks water (not the kind of water you drink, the kind of water that is held in the dermis).

-Can be experienced by anyone, at any time.

-Can feel oily and dry simultaneously (have you ever heard the term combination skin?)

-May experience breakouts (have you ever said to yourself, "how am I dry AND breaking out at the same time? Well, its because you're NOT dry, your skin is dehydrated).

-Comes and goes based on diet, environment, incorrect product use, and other factors.

-Needs water-rich products, (products containing hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are wonderful for you!)

Ok, so now what? I'm not telling you that keeping your body fueled with water is not important. It is! In fact, when you have deprived yourself of water (or when you are dehydrated from, let's say, drinking too much alcohol the night before) your skin does look dull and sallow. Some people even experience facial puffiness from lack of water in their body. Water is absolutely the fuel that keeps your machine (aka your body) running. Stay hydrated!


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