The Glow Concept Checklist

Step 1: {CLEANSE}

AM: This step will remove the oil and toxins released from your skin after a night of sleep.

PM: This step will remove the dirt, makeup, and pollution from the day. 

Shop: Glycolic Glow Cleanser, Strawberry CrushNourished Daily Cleanser,

Glow & Go Cloth

Step 2 {CORRECT}

AM: This step will protect you from the environment, sun, and free radicals. This step consist of a product that will change, heal, or protect your skin. 

PM: This step consists of a product that changes and heals the skin overnight, usually a retinol or exfoliating product

Shop: Activate & Repair Serum, Retinol RepairReplenished Daily Spritz, Eye Revive, Pumpkinberry Glow, MedSpa To Go 

Step 3 {Quench} 

AM and PM: This product locks in hydration and keeps the skin balanced and nourished. 

Shop: SkinQuench, Glow360 

Step 4 {Protect}

AM only: This is your UV protection, AKA sunscreen. 

Shop: Protect29 Daily Spritz

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