The Philosophy

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Skin Care For The Healthy + Active Lifestyle

This line was created to combat the “Ferocious Five”, a term Christen Michel uses to describe the 5 things that are killing your complexion. With this philosophy you will effectively repair your skin and protect it from the Ferocious Five. Each one of these things are treated and defeated by a certain combination of active ingredients found in each bottle of Christen Michel Skin Care.


+Sun Exposure

 It’s ok to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine, just stay protected. Always. The product designed for this? Protect29 of course!

+Environmental Elements

The air we prance through on a daily basis can wreak havoc on your complexion. Air pollution. Smog. Smoke. Yuck! This is proven to destroy your skin, right down to its DNA. Which products are designed to help combat this? Nourished Daily Cleanser, Replenished Daily Spritz, and MedSpa To Go

+Daily Ingested Toxins

Things we are putting into our body like dairy, caffeine, medication, and birth control pills are showing up on our face in the form of blemishes, premature aging, etc. Unfortunately many things, like medication, may be a required part of your daily life. That’s ok! Here are the products created to fight against this:
Glycolic Glow Cleanser
Retinol Repair
Replenished Daily Spritz 


The chemical reaction that occurs in your body when you’re stressed shows up on your face in the form of blemishes, sallow skin, dark circles, and an overall look of complete exhaustion. 
Which products are designed to combat stress? Strawberry Crush, Eye Revive, and Activate & Repair Serum

+Free Radicals

These may be formed through natural human physiological processes as well as from the environment. They show up on your skin in the form of redness/inflammation, premature aging, and uneven tone & texture. 
There are things we can eat and use on our skin to help prevent the free radical damage. These are called antioxidants.
These products were designed to destroy Free Radicals:
Retinol Repair
Activate & Repair



This collection was designed with a lifestyle in mind. This lifestyle is busy, active, on-the-go, and health conscious. The person using Christen Michel Skin Care cares about using ingredients that are clean and cruelty-free. No harsh, toxic ingredients here! Active individuals need a certain skin care routine.

Lets sum this up with bullet points, shall we?

  • You’re too smart. You know that parabens, dye and perfume are unhealthy and should stay off the skin and out of body all together. Christen Michel Glow is free of these things.
  • Before and after a serious sweat session, your skin needs certain things to prevent dehydration, sunburn, windburn, and so on. We’ve made sure to add the key ingredients to not only prevent damage but to also correct damage you’ve done over the years.
  • Thick, stinky SPF cream? Nope. We’ve designed an SPF just for you. Light, sheer, and in a spritzer bottle so that you can spritz anytime. Anywhere.
  • We’ve loaded our collection with ingredients that will keep your skin as youthful and healthy as your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Ingredients we’ve found crucial to correcting, protecting, and fighting the Ferocious Five: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C & A, avocado, aloe, jojoba seed oil, apricot oil, strawberry oil, glycolic acid, red tea, and squalane.

Are you ready to begin the glow lifestyle?